Shark Fins

NMU Seafood AS has for more than 50 years been involved in the market for bi-products of sharks - mainly the tails and fins from dogfish and basking shark as well as other types of shark (blue shark). The dogfish is MSC, the main producti s the meat, the tails are just a bi-products from the fishing.


The majority of the volumes in this division of the company consist of wings & tails from the dog fish (Squalus Acanthias / Chien de Mer).This small shark is fished all over the world and the flaps and backs are sold mainly in Germany and France. From the shark the tails and fins are cut off and frozen and sold to a large market in Asia as ingredients for the famous shark-fin soup.

dogfish tail dogfish wings

Photographer: Pål Thomas Sundhell
Credit: Norwegian Seafood Export Council

In the cold clear waters along the Norwegian coast occasionally Basking Shark (Cetorhinus Maximus / Pelerin) are caught by accident in the fishiong nets and hence already dead when the fishermen pull the net. From this large shark we cut off the dorsal fin, the two side fins (wings) and the lower half of the tail (lower caudal lobe). The basking shark can be up to 10 meters long and the tail can measure more than 1 meter.

From the basking shark we can also extract the Liver Oil.

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