NMU Seafood


NMU byggNMU Seafood AS has it roots all the way back to 1931 and was established by Andreas Mørch Saure, the grandfather of todays owner Christian Saure. 

The company has today its main office in Fornebu just outside Oslo, the capital of Norway and a branch office in Bergen on the western coast of Norway.

Almost 70 years of experience from the international fish market has provided excellent knowledge of products, customers and suppliers worldwide.Our main business today is the export of various by-products from fish and other marine products to countries all over the world.

Our main export products are frozen shark fins, stock fish and dried fish, by-products from cod, salmon oil and fish meals and fish oils.

In addition to exporting various marine products, we also have an important home market where we sell

* vitamines and diet food for pets under the registrated brand name Zoovet (www.zoovet.no)
* vitamines for sheep, cows and calves under the registrated brand name Bondevet (www.zoovet.no)

Product images

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