In Norway we produce dried fish (stock fish) from cod, saythe, tusk, ling and hake. This stockfish is exported worldwide and this is a very old and famous Norwegian product.

Wet salted dried fish

Cod heads

The heads of the cod (gadhus morhua) is in Lofoten and the Northern Norway hung for drying by the sun and the wind. The dried cod heads are packed into hessian bags of 30 kg.

This important alimentary product is mostly sold to African countries such as Nigeria and Cameroon.

Cod stomachs,milt and liver

Cod tongues

Shark fins

We supply frozen shark fins from Dogfish (Squalus Acanthias) - from this shark we supply the tail and the wings (side fins) - see photo 

We also supply frins from Blue Shark (Yoshikiri) - here the dorsal fin / the wings and the whole tail is used by our cients.

Lastly - occasionally we get access to fins from Basking Shark (Certhorinus Maximus) - from this huge shark the dorsal fin, the wings and the lower half tail (lobe) is sought after.

Other shark fins may also be supplied upon request - for instance Mako.

NMU Seafood AS has been an international supplier of shark fins for more than 25 years.

Shrimp powder / meal

In Norway we have a large fishery for North Atlantic Coldwater Shrimps - Pandalus Borealis.The shrimps are peeled and the heads and shells converted (dried) into Shrimp Powder. The powder has a pinkish colour and has a good taste and smell of shrimp - therefore used as an additive among the soup manufacturers or sold in Africa as an additive to stews and soups. There exist 2 different types of this product:

  * freeze-dried shrimp powder 
  * machine-dried shrimp powder,

Red Plancton

Salmon oil and salmon meal

Dogfish eggs and meat

Shark liver oil


In the cold, clean waters along the Norwegian Coast there is also an important fishery for crabs.


Products for pets

We also have a product range on the Norwegian market under the brand-name ZooVet (web-site in Norwegian only).
Products for cattle and sheep

We also have a product range on the Norwegian market under the brand-name BondeVet (web-site in Norwegian only).

Product images

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dogfishtailsV2 004 dogfishfinsV2 19 dogfish tail dogfish wings
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