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Adresse: Josefinesgate 26,
0351 Oslo,
Tlf:  +(47)22 60 16 25

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Trampsjef Carl Emil Petersen jr
Mob.: +47 91603343, 

Web Redaktør:
Alf G. Andersen 


Web Master:
Gunnar Sjøwall jr.

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Welcome to Travellers´ Club , Norway
English section

Travellers’ Club Norway is a meeting place for men of international character. Members consist mainly of Norwegians that have lived abroad or are widely travelled.

We are well established club, rich in tradition, that was formed on the 23. January 1928. Our aim is to gather members in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, to develop members knowledge of our own and foreign cultures as well as to establish relations with similar clubs around the world. 

We have our own club premises in Oslo, Norway where members meet nearly every Wednesday evening throughout the year. Here we enjoy Norway’s largest private ethnographical collection. We regularly entertained by guest speakers or exchange interesting stories with other members. We also arrange journeys to exciting destinations.

The famous Norwegian explorer, Fridtjof Nansen, sums up our thoughts:

 It’s in all of us, our obscure desire to do something, fill our lives with more than the daily routine of going to the office and home again. It’s ours constant desire to overcome difficulties and dangers, to open secrets, to venture into places outside our normal route, it’s the pull of the unknown, the yearnings to discover land outside known borders, the godly power deeply entrenched in our human soul that forced the first hunters to new places, the energy of perhaps our greatest deeds … the way the mind works, giving us wings without knowing the limits of our freedom…

Fridtjof Nansen, St.Andrews, 3. november 1926.

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